Events August 5, 2016

Summer Events in Bozeman, Montana – Sweet Pea Festival!

Bozeman's own festival of the arts began in 1978 with a group of artists who wanted to create a weekend of creativity.  The Sweet Pea Festival was born out of their efforts and a little help from the Montana Arts Council.  The name was pulled from the Sweet Pea Carnivals in Bozeman from the early 1900's.  Today, it's a thriving art festival full of activities for all ages.  A Sweet Pea painting is commemorated and picked every year from a pool of artists.  This years' paintings will be shown at the Bozeman Public Library from July 31st – August 30th!  For a list of all events, visit the Sweet Pea Festival website.  The Festival runs from August 5-7!  

Windermere Bozeman - Sweet Pea Festival