Events July 19, 2016

Gallatin Valley Softball

Windermere Bozeman teamed up with R&H Homes and Montana Road Trippin' to sponsor a recreational co-ed team this year through the Gallatin Valley Softball Association. We decided on the name "88 Stitches". Our team was made up of members in the community who were new to each other. Many members hadn't played in years, and some were inexperienced at the game. The name "88 Stitches" is derived from the number of stitches seamed into a softball. It signified our team – stitched together. In the beginning "88 Stitches" struggled and lost the first seven games. After consistent practice and desire to win, the wins came. The last four games "88 Stitches" remained undefeated! There's a metaphor in all of this somewhere. Zig Ziglar said "Success in not a destination, it's a journey."

Windermere Bozeman