Events September 12, 2016

Museums in Montana

Montana Museums

Museum of the Rockies


Visiting a museum is an enjoyable way to learn more about an area.  Here's a list of museums around Yellowstone Country!

Bozeman hosts 3 museums, each quite unique.  The Museum of the Rockies, the Gallatin History Museum, and the American Computer and Robotics Museum.

Big Sky lays claim to the Historic Crail Ranch Museum.

Big Timber boasts the Crazy Mountain Museum and the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame & Western Heritage Center.

Columbus' pride is the Museum of the Beartooths.

Gallatin Gateway's hidden gem is the Little Bear School House.

Livingston's treasure is the Yellowstone Gateway Museum.

Manhattan's jewel is the Manhattan Area Museum.

Red Lodge entrusts the Buses of Yellowstone Preservation Trust, Inc., the Carbon County Arts Guild and Historic Depot Gallery, and the Carbon County Historical Society and Museum.

Three Forks's find is the Headwaters Heritage Museum.

and last, but not least, West Yellowstone's catch is the Yellowstone Historic Center.

Events August 26, 2016

National Parks – Free Entrance Days

It's the 100th Birthday of the National Park Service and Montana recently celebrated it's 75th Birthday for Montana's State Parks!  There are over 400 National Parks of which 127 charge an entrance fee.  If you plan on visiting any of the National Parks or Montana State Parks, you may want to consider visiting on one of the Free Entrance Days.  These well preserved parks are a delight to see, and great excuse for a break or vacation! 

National Parks Free Entrance DayNational Parks Free Entrance Day

Events August 26, 2016

Real Estate Statistics for July 2016 from the Gallatin Association of Realtors!

Windermere Bozeman

Home Sale Statistics from the Gallatin Association of Realtors (GAR) for July 2016

GAR Connection
August 26, 2016

Gallatin Association of REALTORS® Releases Real Estate Statistics for July 2016

The Gallatin area real estate market stabilized in July after a strong second quarter. The average sale price rose while total residential sales decreased in Gallatin County in July of 2016 compared to the same period in 2015. 

A total of 222 residences were sold in the Southwest Montana Multiple Listing Service (MLS) service area during July 2016 compared to 250 in July 2015, an 11% decrease. The average sale price in July 2016 was $386,895, a seven percent increase from the July 2015 average sale price of $361,439. Total sales volume was $85,890,669 during July 2016, down five percent compared to $90,359,855 in July 2015. These numbers were current as of Aug. 17.  

"Even though the number of units sold in July dropped slightly from last year, the Gallatin area real estate market continues to show strength and consistency throughout 2016,” said 2016 GAR President Tyler Garrison. “The average sale price for residential homes is finding a range that pleases both buyers and sellers. Local REALTORS® continue to provide professional, expert service to the many new residents moving into our area."  

July 2016 statistics are as follows:  

Gallatin County Year-to-Year comparison for Residential Sales including Single Family Homes, Condominiums, Townhomes and Mobile/ Manufactured 

Residential Sales – Units

  • July 2015: 250
  • July 2016: 222

Residential Sales – Average Sales Price

  • July 2015: $361,439
  • July 2016: $386,894

Residential Sales – Total Sales Volume

  • July 2015: $90,359,855
  • July 2016: $85,890,669


  • Units Sold: 159
  • Average Sale Price: $397,380
  • Total Sales: $63,183,549


  • Units Sold: 36
  • Average Sale Price: $259,659
  • Total Sales: $9,347,745

Greater Manhattan

  • Units Sold: 6
  • Average Sale Price: $243,900
  • Total Sales: $1,463,400

Greater Three Forks

  • Units Sold: 6
  • Average Sale Price: $192,800
  • Total Sales: $1,156,800

Big Sky

  • Units Sold: 15
  • Average Sale Price: $715,945
  • Total Sales: $10,739,175


  • Units Sold: 35 
  • Average Sale Price: $268,738
  • Total Sales: $9,405,845

Park County

  • Units Sold: 14
  • Average Sale Price: $274,500
  • Total Sales Volume: $4,059,750

Madison County

  • Units Sold: 15
  • Average Sale Price: $224,411
  • Total Sales Volume: $3,366,175


  • Units Sold: 10
  • Average Sale Price: $223,060
  • Total Sales Volume: $2,223,600


  • Units Sold: 4
  • Average Sale Price: $336,500
  • Total Sales Volume: $1,346,000


  • Units Sold: 6
  • Average Sale Price: $241,250
  • Total Sales Volume: $1,447,500


Events August 5, 2016

Summer Events in Bozeman, Montana – Sweet Pea Festival!

Bozeman's own festival of the arts began in 1978 with a group of artists who wanted to create a weekend of creativity.  The Sweet Pea Festival was born out of their efforts and a little help from the Montana Arts Council.  The name was pulled from the Sweet Pea Carnivals in Bozeman from the early 1900's.  Today, it's a thriving art festival full of activities for all ages.  A Sweet Pea painting is commemorated and picked every year from a pool of artists.  This years' paintings will be shown at the Bozeman Public Library from July 31st – August 30th!  For a list of all events, visit the Sweet Pea Festival website.  The Festival runs from August 5-7!  

Windermere Bozeman - Sweet Pea Festival 

Events August 4, 2016

Sweet Pea Parade

The Sweet Pea Parade is an event that most locals love to attend!  Sweet Pea Parade remains one of the highlights in Montana.  It starts on Saturday, August 6 on Bozeman's Main Street between Wallace Street and 8th, at 10 AM.  The theme this year is our National Park Centennial! 

Events July 21, 2016

Summer Events in Bozeman, Montana – Crazy Days!

July 22-24 this year marks one of Bozeman's main events!  Every year, shoppers enjoy Bozeman's discounted merchandise.  Walk up and down Main Street in Downtown Bozeman during the Crazy Days event.  It usually occurs on a warm, sunny day! 

Crazy Days - Bozeman, Montana

Crazy Days – Bozeman, Montana